My bridal prep and wedding skincare

I am and have always been a complete product junkie, so the wedding was a great opportunity to try out some lovely skincare products and make sure that I had a great base for my make up artist to work with.

I started using these a good few months before the wedding to give my skin time to have a new cycle and really get used to the new products. I really loved them all and will continue to use them for now – until I find new ones I want to try!  Continue reading

Meet the new me.

A Chicken-y bride!I’ve always wanted to be a different person. Never been quite sure of who I am or how much I like ‘me’. So now that I’m a ‘Mrs..’ and have a new name, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to reinvent myself a little, shake off the old things that I don’t like and make a positive start to married life.

I have decided that the new Mrs Me:

  • is (self)confident
  • through mindfulness and meditation, will try and be more happy ‘in the moment’ rather than worrying
  • will spend more time with friends and family

This new woman might even try and blog more. If I can think of things to say!

Curly Sue?

As they say, everyone always wants what they haven’t got and for me, it’s curly hair. I will spend hours of my time baking my head and lots of my money on products and tools that promise me tumbling locks.

For me, the best method that I have found, with the all important staying power (silky, slippery, dead straight hair doesn’t tend to want to curl or stay curly) is to use my BaByliss ceramic wand, but sometimes, with as much hair as I have, that just takes too much time. So this is my quick and dirty method and a little review of the Enrapture Heated Rollers.

Continue reading

The onward rush of time

It happens, one minute you’re bemoaning the fact that you can’t meet someone decent, that men are the devil and that you have no hope of ever meeting someone, someone ‘for life’. The next, there’s five months and 20 days until your wedding. That’s how life happens. That’s how quick it goes, in the blink of an eye. Which is pretty terrifying really. Continue reading